Skin Recovery After That Fun In The Sun

It might not be summer, but that doesn’t mean you are not bouncing back from a spring break BBQ or recuperating from a long hike on a beautiful day. Our skin needs some extra attention after time spent in the sun. Waiting months, or even years, to deal with the damaging effects of UV rays can prove much less effective than actually nipping the dark spots, dryness, and inflammation in the bud right away.

Here are 3 simple steps for skin recovery after a day of sun:

1. Wash. Spending any time outdoors can cause pollutants and allergens to stick to your skin. However, on sunnier days, when we are prone to produce more oil, these potentially pore-clogging and dulling factors stick even stronger. Remove the day’s debris by rinsing your face with our detoxifying Acai Clarifying Wash as soon as possible.

2. Exfoliate. Daily sun exposure often leads to enlarged pores and uneven texture. Using a gentle exfoliator such as the Triple Action Organic Scrub for Clear (also infused with natural UV-defense green tea) will work to soften, brighten, and refine recently sun-exposed skin. Just don’t overdo it! Try to keep exfoliation down to 2-3 times a week.

3. Replenish. Exposure to UV rays does more than contribute to premature aging; it also leads to more immediate skin setbacks, like dehydration and peeling. Now you can reinstate healthy moisture levels and focus on wrinkle smoothing and damage control with MicroVenom Hydrating Day Complex. The regenerative apple stem cells help to repair sun damaged skin, while the rich and nourishing formula (infused with synthetic snake venom) hydrates skin and softens wrinkles.

Of course, this healthy 3 step post-sun recuperative is not meant to replace your pre-sun protection. Always apply MicroVenom Face & Body SPF 30 at least 15 minutes prior to UV exposure and practice “safe sun”!

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