Skin Aging Prevention

Most people think they should wait until they are 25 to start using eye cream, or worse yet, until they see their first line. We always teach our clients to start working on the problem before it appears. We have noticed a trend, and that is: Men and Women in their 20’s are just as concerned with anti-aging than those in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. This is because everyone wants to win the anti-aging battle, so the sooner the better is the perfect time to start.

Can I use anti-aging products if I still break out?

Absolutely. All UltraLuxe’s anti-aging products are treatments that are designed for every skin type, so even people with the most acne-prone skin are safe using them. This is due to their light texture which absorbs immediately into the skin. You can customize your regimen with other appropriate washes, toners, or scrubs.

Here are a few of our favorite Anti-Aging products we recommend you jump on it right away according to your skin type and concerns: products such as Cellular Patch Cream, Youth!, and Retinol Renewal Serum are great treatments worn under moisturizers. Hydrasoft Cream is ideal for those with drier skin, while the Hydrasoft Lotion will be perfect for those with normal to combination and oily skin types. And, of course, the Oxygen Eye Cream, Bright Eyes, and MicroVenom Face & Body SPF 30 products are a must-have for everyone.

Visit our Anti-Aging section to know more about all of the wonderful products we mentioned. Give your skin the chance to glow and stay fresh!

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