Exfoliator / Scrubs

Triple Action Organic Scrub – Sensitive




Rescue delicate skin from clogged pores and buildup with this super-gentle, decongesting scrub. Linipack Seeds work to perform three actions: deep-pore cleansing, polishing and brightening. Pure Lavender, Chamomile and Green Tea extracts inject calming and soothing nutrients while helping to fight irritation.


Provides serious deep cleansing; Non-abrasive; gently polishes skin without irritation; Smoothes and brightens skin; Includes Lavender, Chamomile and Green Tea to help calm skin

Key Ingredients

Linipack Seeds, Lavender Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Green Tea Extract

How to Use

With fingertips, work a dime size amount with water into a soft paste. Gently massage into wet face and neck for one minute. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Use up to three times a week. For sensitive skin use only twice a week.

Regimen Card