Spring is approaching and we cannot wait for the beautiful flowers and mesmerizing spring colors. However, why does our skin always seem to break out when the season changes? It may be less of a mystery than you think…

• Aside from seasonal weather changes, many of us also adapt to seasonal diet changes, opting out of lighter, healthier foods. We are not saying you have to forgo your favorite spring dishes; just make sure you are not sacrificing your skin’s health for them either.

• Skincare change-up. If you’ve completely switched your entire skincare routine around to compensate for the seasonal change, you could be doing more harm than good, as it takes weeks for skin to adjust to a new regimen. Instead, make minor tweaks such as using a less intensive moisturizer.

• It is no big surprise that spring brings all kinds of allergies in many individuals. However, many people do not realize these allergies can also affect our skin, causing redness, irritation, rashes, and inflammation.

Try offsetting allergic reactions with soothing aloe treatments and hypo-allergenic products designed specifically for irritated skin. Try UltraLuxe’s Irritation Relief Complex. Infused with Bacopa Monniera, it will help relieve and prevent irritation caused by environment, harsh products and hyper-sensitivity and leave skin calm and prepared for the products to follow.

Taking care of these seasonal changes should make skin’s transition from winter to spring a little smoother.

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