Pick the Right Facial Cleanser for your Skin Type

Dry Skin
Indicators: Your skin is often itchy, flaky, or generally tight.
What to Look for: A cleanser that clears away grime and impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils. A hydrating face wash should do the trick! Try UltraLuxes’s Bergamot Wash that will wash away impurities while calming irritated and sensitive skin. Bergamot, Chamomile, Tangerine and Sweet Almond extracts help soothe skin while restoring elasticity. This refreshing wash leaves your skin feeling soft, pure and pacified.

Sensitive Skin
Indicators: Your skin is often red and prone to irritation.
What to Look for: Cleansers with dense, creamy foams and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, willow bark, and witch hazel. Balancing pH is also important, as skin can get dry or irritated when its pH is not right. Try UltraLuxe’s Soya Wash. This cleanser’s property of pure Soy will leave even the most sensitive skin clean, soft, and radiant, without a trace of harsh soaps or detergents. It purifies skin without drying it out and is gentle enough for skin with rosacea and eczema. Your skin will definitely thank you!

Oily Skin
Indicators: Large, visible pores and a greasy sheen that develops quickly after you’ve cleansed.
What to Look for: An oil-control face wash that digs deep to purify pores, and helps regulate oil production without leaving your face feeling dry. A formula that balances pH will also slow the growth of bacteria and help prevent breakouts. Try UltraLuxe’s Acai Clarifying Wash, a refreshing, lightly foaming facial that balances oil production and promotes acne-free complexion to help control breakouts. Salicylic and Lactic Acid decongest and exfoliate balancing oil production without over-drying!

Normal Skin
Indicators: An even skin tone with no flaking, redness, or sheen, and only the occasional breakout.
What to Look for: Honestly, just about anything—your skin isn’t picky. We recommend potent (yet non-drying) cleansers with a range of bonus perks: anti-aging, toning, and hydrating ingredients are all a major plus. Try UltraLuxe’s Red Grapefruit Wash. This wash removes impurities and dirt without causing dryness or irritation. Red Grapefruit, Cardamom, Orange and Sweet Almond Extracts work together to reduce puffiness and to nourish and purify your skin. It’s the perfect start to maintaining healthy skin.

Combination Skin
Indicators: An oily T-Zone (your forehead, nose, and chin) alongside drier skin on your cheeks.
What to Look for: A formula that balances a thorough clean with a healthy dose of hydration. Like a cleanser for dry skin, it should clear away oil and grime without stripping skin of moisture. The ideal is a face wash that protects skin’s lipid barrier, locking in natural moisture while cleansing surface oil. Try UltraLuxe’s Nourishing Wash, a unique daily cleanser that hydrates your skin as it purifies it of pollutants, makeup, and excess surface oils. Rich in antioxidants, this soap-free cleanser is formulated with a blend of Pomegranate, Rosemary Leaf, Verbena, and other nourishing essential oils that will leave your skin clean and glowing.

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One reply on “Pick the Right Facial Cleanser for your Skin Type

  • Nancy

    I am over 60 normal/dry skin, fine lines. Love oil cleansers. Don’t wear makeup to much but would like one to use as an everyday cleanser and a makeup remover as well. Are your products all natural?


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