Let’s Get Green!

Changes in seasons may mean changes in the way our skin behaves. As the weather warms and our habits shift from indoor fireside chats and hardy dinners to outdoor picnics and pool parties, it is always a good idea to reassess your skincare needs. So, here are 3 spirited products to get skin glowing this spring!

  • The Green Tea Mask. Try using this free radical-fighting, skin-smoothing and rejuvenating mask 2 times a week for 10 minutes. The potent green tea extracts will help strengthen and detoxify skin, leaving you with a soft, bright, and healthy looking complexion all season long.
  • The “Liquid Gold.” A daily dose of our Omega-3 Repair Complex serum is the quickest way to transform dull winter skin into glowing perfection. This nourishing formula helps soothe inflammation and create a healthy moisture balance so your skin looks and feels radiant all day and night.
  • The good luck charm. Okay, so maybe it’s more science than luck, but I think you’ll agree that a nightly dose of MicroVenom Hydrating Night Complex is nothing short of magical. A power-packed moisturizer infused with wrinkle-smoothing synthetic snake venom and regenerative apple stem cells – if that isn’t a lucky ingredient combination, I don’t know what is.

Consider these 3 product favorites your personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Incorporate them into your Spring skin routine and watch your once drab skin transform itself into something bright and vibrant.   Cheers to your skin!

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