Think of skin as you would a delicate piece of lace; even the slightest damage can leave a lasting mark. Whether skin has been exposed to UV rays, pollution, acne or other surface traumas, chances are it has affected the collagen levels in that particular area. Common signs of scarring or skin damage can be discoloration or unevenness of the skin. For those who have become victim, scars can be incredibly frustrating.
Of course, the best way to eliminate scarring and pigmentation is through prevention. Using an effective daily sunscreen and controlling blemishes on acneic skin are integral to maintaining a “snag-proof” complexion. However, for the many who have already developed signs of scarring, there is help. Depending upon the severity of skin trauma, there are various levels of treatment to remodel the collagen of skin and regenerate cells.
• For a less dramatic and extremely gentle approach to healing skin try essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, and cypress, which work by lightening pigmentation and hastening cell renewal. Additionally, vitamins A, B, and E have been shown to promote healthy healing. You can also try UltraLuxe’s BB Oil which delivers a new level of cellular healing and deep repair by speeding up the skin’s healing process.
• For more serious cases of scarring and pigmentation, retinols can be a big help. Because retinols have the ability to penetrate so deeply, they can aid in breaking down scar tissue so skin can rebuild itself in a natural, healthy way. UltraLuxe’s Retinol Renewal gives the appearance of healthier and younger-looking skin; improving the quality and texture of the skin.
• However effective topical methods may be, many individuals still opt for more aggressive treatment options. Lasers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasions work to deeply exfoliate and stimulate collagen. The results are often quicker and more dramatic than topical creams and serums, providing individuals take the necessary steps to allow skin to properly recover. Though much of the scar tissue may be broken down after a laser treatment or chemical peel, if skin is not given the proper nourishment it needs to rebuild healthy cells, many of the scars will resurface. UltraLuxe has taken special notice of this need in developing Recovery. Specially formulated to nourish and promote rapid healing after laser treatment and peels, Recovery can ensure no procedure is done in vain.

The secret: whether you are opting for a more natural or topical approach to scars and pigmentation or in need of a more powerful approach, be sure you are taking the precautionary measures to not only break down scar tissue, but also rebuild it. Neglecting this measure will only set skin back.

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