Don’t Let your Pores Take Over!

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a magnifying mirror then you know firsthand that sometimes our pore size can bring us nightmares! And while magnifying our reflection is not the healthiest or most accurate representation of our skin, we can’t help but fantasize about a smoother, more airbrushed appearance. So in an effort to reduce the appearance of pores, we must first understand the 5 most likely culprits contributing to these unsightly holes in our faces:
1. Our parents. That is to say that pore size is in many ways genetic. If your mom and pop have thick or oily skin, you likely inherited your enlarged pores from them.
2. Environmental damage. UV rays can thicken skin and decrease elasticity, which in turn makes pores more obvious and over time, causes skin to sag.
3. As we age, our skin thickens some more. Basically, this “thickening” makes our pores appear deeper. Also, as we age and our skin becomes less resilient; meaning it can droop, thus stretching pore size.
4. Clogged pores. When pores are congested they are also more obvious. Blackheads draw attention to the area and over time can even stretch the pore if not extracted.
5. If you are lighting up a cigarette or immersing yourself in a friend’s plume, you are pretty much asking for damaged skin.
Now, that we know the probable causes of our pore size we can take the necessary actions to reduce their appearance. I stress “reduce their appearance” because there is no way to actually change your pore size. However, you can try these simple tips to make them less obvious and also prevent them from getting any worse:
1. Regularly exfoliate. Exfoliation removes debris and build-up on skin, and when pores are clear, oily residue is cleaned off, making our pores look a whole lot nicer… and by nicer I mean non-existent. We recommend UltraLuxe’s Triple Action Organic Scrub (Sensitive, Maintenance, Clear or Discoloration).
2. Try a mask. A clay-based mask will extract oil, water, and toxins from skin, which immediately reduces inflammation and pore size.
3. Wear sunscreen. A daily broad spectrum SPF will help prevent premature aging and sun damage, which causes pores to appear even larger. Try MicroVenom Face and Body SPF 30 to protect your skin from those unwanted UV rays.
4. Use a primer. Pore minimizing primers infused with Silica work to fill in nooks and crannies and can also temporarily tighten pores. UltraLuxe’s Pore Minimizer helps conceal imperfections and promotes an acne-free complexion; it minimizes the appearance of pores and acne scars, balancing oil production.
5. Stay away from that magnifying mirror!! Nobody else has supersonic vision so there is no reason you should either.

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