Many of us go through an eternal battle finding a good face wash – you won’t believe this silky, gentle cleanser created with oatmeal! It leaves the skin soft and clean. Even better, it costs very little :).  This soothing facial cleansing powder features restorative and purifying ingredients like oats, chamomile, and bentonite clay.  Here is a very helpful DIY that will leave your skin thankful and happy 🙂 If you are strapped for time, don’t forget to check out UltraLuxe’s Washes that are on special this week. These will change your life and they are all ready to go for you <3

•    ¼ cup dry rolled oats (uncooked)
•    1 tea bag of organic chamomile tea (make sure it contains no other ingredients) OR 4 drops of chamomile essential oil
•    1 Tbs. bentonite clay
•    Glass jar, for storing the facial cleanser
1.    Use a coffee grinder, spice grinder or Magic Bullet to grind the rolled oats into a fine powder. It should be soft and powdery, not gritty. Alternatively, use ¼ cup oat flour. Transfer the oat powder to a bowl.
2.    In the coffee/spice grinder, place about 1 tsp. of the oat powder along with the contents of the teabag. Grind until the chamomile is a fine powder, then transfer to the bowl. If using the essential oil, skip this step and add the oil directly into the bowl with the oat powder.
3.    Stir together the oat powder, chamomile powder, and bentonite clay. Store in a jar.
4.    This cleanser will not remove makeup, so it works well in the morning. To use, wet face with warm water. Use about ½ teaspoon of the facial cleanser, add a few drops of warm water, and massage it gently over your face before rinsing it off. Avoid the eye area.

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